MyWinLocker icon
Protect your important files and documents
iPhone Backup Extractor icon
Recover damaged files on your iPhone
TinyWall icon
Put a barrier between you and malicious online files
Windows Firewall Notifier icon
Get the most out of the Windows firewall
Password Folder icon
Time to password protect files and folders
Copernic Desktop Search icon
Quickly find anything on your PC
Cloudfogger icon
Encrypt your files on the cloud
Avira UnErase Personal icon
Recover mistakenly deleted files in two easy steps
Eraser icon
Eliminate any file in a safe way
Hide Folders icon
Hide your private folders and make them invisible to others
Tiny Personal Firewall icon
Powerful firewall for your Internet connection
pcInformant icon
Computer monitoring software with real-time screenshots
Zemana AntiLogger icon
Total protection against loggers and hackers
Password Gorilla icon
Manage all your passwords
Evidence Destructor icon
Make sure nobody follows your traces on the Internet
Cryptic Disk icon
Encrypt files and work with them
Granite Portable icon
Protect your USB drives from third-party edits
Gpg4win icon
Encrypt emails and files using public-key cryptography
Anti keylogger icon
Protect yourself against keyloggers
WinRAP icon
Easily hide any application or window from prying eyes
Smart PC Locker Pro icon
Don´t let anyone access your computer without your permission
ElcomSoft Distributed Password Recovery icon
Recover lost passwords to files and networks
OpenPuff icon
Hide messages in images
Asterisk Password Decryptor icon
Recover passwords hiding behind asterisks
USB Manager icon
Manage your computer's USB ports
Hide IP Platinum icon
Hide your IP while surfing the web
East-Tec Eraser icon
Delete any information with complete security
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