Cryptic Disk icon
Encrypt files and work with them
Advanced Encryption Package icon
Encrypt your documents so no one snoops around in them
Limagito Lite icon
Move files automatically depending on their format
Windows Password Unlocker icon
Recover your Windows password
AdFender icon
Block all Internet ads
WFilter icon
Monitor your employees' use of the internet
H264WebCam icon
Security for your store with this tool
Desktop Lock icon
Avoid non authorized access to your desktop
Best Free Keylogger icon
Monitor everything that happens on your computer
TinyWall icon
Put a barrier between you and malicious online files
Boxcryptor icon
Encrypt the information you store on the cloud
MyUSBonly icon
Protect your USB ports so nobody gets information from your PC
USB Oblivion icon
Erase your traces from a computer
Disk Password Protection icon
Time to password protect your hard disk or partitions
Invisible Secrets icon
Hide confidential info into pictures
Password Vault Manager icon
Don't lose a single password
EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard icon
Recover deleted files in an easy way
Webcam Surveyor icon
A Security System through the Webcam in Your PC
LUPC icon
Control and limit the time of use of the computer
Passwords Generator icon
Generate Passwords Randomly
Deskman SE icon
Protect your computer by restricting access to its contents
WinMend Folder Hidden icon
Hide your folders from prying eyes
OkayFreedom VPN icon
Securely surf the web and unlock restricted content
FileFriend icon
Divide, merge, and protect your files
PWGen icon
Generate complex passwords automatically
SniffPass icon
Utility for recovering passwords on local networks
Recover Keys icon
Recover and store all of your software licenses
Sotf4Boost Dup File Finder icon
Find and get rid of all thee duplicate files on your hard drive
USB Safeguard icon
Password protect data on your removable pen drive
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