Latest apps

DS4Windows icon
Use DualShock 4 controllers on your PC
F.lux icon
Set your screen color to adjust to the time of day
Evernote icon
Notes organize your life, Evernote organizes your notes
Dropbox icon
Store your files in an online virtual drive
EMDB icon
Manage your movie collection
Wise Data Recovery icon
Recover data deleted in error from your hard drive or USB memory
Wise Care 365 icon
Complete maintenance for your entire computer
Blender icon
Excellent 3D Modeling program
Mozilla Firefox icon
Your best choice for an internet browser
EncryptOnClick icon
Simple utility to encrypt files
GOM Player icon
Searching for a new and accurate multimedia player?
Hard Disk Validator icon
Scan your hard drive for errors
Signal icon
The Windows version of the private messaging client
Stellarium icon
Look at the sky on your screen
Chromium icon
Be the first to try new Chrome features