Nmap icon
Audit your network's security and explore its contents
NETGEAR genie icon
Manage your WiFi connection for all your devices
TekWiFi icon
Fast and simple diagnostics of your wireless network
Nugget Ping icon
Check the status of the devices connected to your network
netSupervisor icon
Complete control over any PC network
CountryWhois icon
Find out the country of a specific IP address
Lan-Secure Wireless Protector icon
Disconnect wireless when you're connected to Lan and vice versa
TCPView icon
Supervise traffic generated by the TCP/IP protocol
NetSetMan icon
Create profiles for different network configurations
DeviceLock icon
Control the access to the devices in your local network
Acrylic WiFi Free icon
Scan and solve problems with your wifi network in real time
PrintSniffer icon
Monitor printing on your network
Whisher icon
Application to create WiFi hotspots and share them with the network
CommView icon
Monitor and analyze the status of your network connections
Traffic Shaper XP icon
Limit the amount of bandwidth used by your apps
SmartSniff icon
Packet capture for wireless networks
Network Password Recovery icon
Recover the passwords stored on your PC's system
NetResView icon
Monitor the computters connected to your local network
LanVisor icon
View screens of the computers in your local network
CurrPorts icon
Know the UDP and TCP ports being used by your PC
Alchemy Eye icon
Control the connection of your internet server
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