Instant Messaging

IPGet icon
Messenger Plus plugin to get the IP of your contacts
Meetro icon
Another useful instant messenger client
Yahoo Amp icon
Show the music you listen to while using Y! Messenger
SmartPic icon
Add funny emoticons to your e-mails
PixaMSN icon
Lite version for MSN which can be run from any USB key
Shiny Smiley Pack icon
29 fun new smileys for MSN Messenger
Gaim icon
All your messenger accounts in a single client
Gizmoz Desktop icon
A set of 3D avatars for your messenger client
Virtual Camera icon
Send videos via messenger as if they were your webcam
MSN Nickname Maker icon
Your nickname, now more ashionable than ever
Mp3-S icon
Plugin for Yahoo Messenger that interacts with Winamp
Live Notifier icon
Spy what your MSN contacts do
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