Instant Messaging

SendTo icon
Send files to MSN from anywhere on your PC
WLMUninstaller icon
Uninstall Windows Live Messenger quickly and easily
CoolMessenger icon
Exchange ideas and files with your work colleagues
Facebook Notifications icon
Know Facebook activity right from Windows Live Messenger
Windows 7 Skin icon
Enjoy WLM with the next generation look
MSN E-Fix icon
Solve your Messenger connection problems
Emoticonos 3D icon
Enjoy new 3d emoticons in your Messenger chat sessions
Messenger 10th Anniversary Pack icon
Messenger celebrates its 10th anniversary with a bunch of gifts
Vista United Skin para WLM icon
Vista look for Windows Live Messenger too
WLM Safe icon
Virus protection for WLM
WLM Universal Patcher icon
First patch for the New Windows Live Messenger
Darkside Skin for Yahoo Messenger 9 icon
Stylish dark skin for Yahoo Messenger 9
Twitter2PSM icon
Have your Messenger status display your tweets
MySpaceIM icon
MySpace also has its own IM Client
Avalon Concept icon
Excellent application to modify Messenger Interface
SilverGlazz 2009 icon
A futuristic interface for WLM
vEmotion icon
Add voice and sound effects to your voice conversations
Just in time for the holidays icon
Animated Christmas icons for windows Live Messenger
MSNegg icon
Give a cool touch to your Windows Live Messenger
Yahoo Emoticon Assistant icon
Easily access all Yahoo emoticons
Live Ad Remover icon
Eliminate the ads in Windows Live Messenger 9
Messenger Pictures Auto icon
Change the display picture of WLM automatically
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