Xfire icon
An IM client for PC gamers
Imperia icon
Turn-based strategy on a cosmic scale
Renegade X icon
Crazy first-person shooting
Mudlarks icon
A graphic adventure set in contemporary London
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 2D icon
Ocarina of Time through a Super Nintendo filter
Diablo: The Awakening icon
The Diablo universe comes back to life
Portable Puzzle Collection icon
Have a good time with this 24-game package
Torus Games icon
Test your brain with this game pack
Wakfu icon
Enter into a vibrant fantasy universe
BrainSport Extreme icon
Sokoban, now more difficult than ever
l'Abbaye des Morts icon
Enter the Abbey of the Dead ... and try to escape
Vagante icon
Go deep inside deadly dungeons
Wayward icon
Survive all the threats that await you on a desert island
UFO Alien Invasion icon
Protect the Earth against the alien menace
Dofus icon
Great MMORPG game with fantastic 2D graphics
Black Ice icon
Action and role-playing in a first-person cyberpunk adventure
Pokémon: Survival Island icon
Extreme survival on Pokemon Island
Game Booster icon
Boost up the performance of your PC games
Visor de Bingos icon
Play Bingo with this board emulator
Lineage 2 icon
The first great Asian MMORPG
WinBoard Portable icon
Play chess with no need for a partner
Spelunky SD icon
All of Spelunky's magic, now online and cooperative
SuperHeroes 2000 icon
A fighting game with the best superheroes ever
Rogue's Souls icon
Dark Souls goes roguelike
MicroVolts icon
Toys are at war
LEGO Minifigures Online icon
An MMO where you collect all the LEGO Minifigures
Zombie Solitaire icon
Play cards to escape the zombie apocalypse
Catlateral Damage icon
You're a cat, so act like one
Earthrune icon
Help defend the woods in an epic RPG
Flash Frozen icon
Surviving the below-zero temperatures is just the beginning
VHS Story icon
A street fighting simulator with a 16 bit esthetic
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