SuperQOT icon
Super Hot and Quake fused into one game
Aion icon
Endless adventures in the world of Atreia
Infinite Crisis icon
A MOBA set in the DC universe
World of Warcraft icon
The successful MMORPG set in the Warcraft universe
Robocraft icon
Create your own war machine and use it in combat
Kodu icon
Create your own games even if you have no idea of programming
Knightmare Remake icon
Remake of the classic MSX from 1986
The Dark Mod icon
First-person stealth game inspired by the Thief saga
Marvel First Alliance icon
The Avengers and friends have a new adventure
Mega Man 2.5D icon
A great homage to the Mega Man classics
Pokemon 3D icon
All the magic of Pokemon now in 3D
Fatal Fury Final icon
Beat'em Up set in the SNK classic
iGrow Game icon
Make your own MJ farm in an abandoned building
Retaliation: Path of War icon
Turn-based war strategy similar to Risk
Evolve icon
A new social platform and meeting place for gamers
CaesarIA icon
A completely free remake of the classic Caesar III
GearCity icon
Manage your own automobile company
Survarium icon
Survive the green apocalypse
Scrolls icon
The best of card-based duels and board games
TubeStar icon
A simulator that makes you feel like a youtuber
A Tribute To Donkey Kong Country icon
Donkey Kong Country on Unreal Engine 3
Magic Vials icon
A Pac-Man of magic vials for little ones
The Cursed icon
Space marines and the undead face off
Chapigol icon
Playing with bottle caps has never been so fun
BrainSport icon
BrainSport from ZX Spectrum is back to stay
HEX: Shards of Fate icon
The first MMORPG based on collectable cards
Flight To Pluto icon
A classic shooter form ZX Spectrum
Borderless Gaming icon
Take the border off any window in Windows
I See You icon
A horror game that directly attacks the player
Xfire icon
An IM client for PC gamers
Imperia icon
Turn-based strategy on a cosmic scale
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