Keyboard Explorer icon
Learn how to use all the functions on your keyboard
GNUVocabTrain icon
The simplest way to learn and improve your English or German
RedCrab The Calculator icon
Calculator and formula editor together in one program
Valodas icon
Learn langauges in the most comfortable and enjoyable way
Babiloo icon
English won´t be a problem again
Math Mechanixs icon
Turn your computer into a math problem-solving machine
CaR Regla y Compas icon
Create and animate geometric figures
Mnemosyne icon
Memorize questions and answers in half the time
10 Finger BreakOut icon
Improve your typings skills while playing Arkanoid
IniTranslator icon
Manage INI files to facilitate translating
PDFMate eBook Converter icon
Convert your PDF files into other formats
Oficalc icon
Powerful scientific multipurpose calculator
EuroTranslator icon
Instantaly translate into 14 different languages
TypeMate icon
Type faster and in better conditions
KidDesktop icon
A safe desktop environment for your kids
Microsoft Reader icon
Customize your eBook reading experience
Addictive Typing Lessons icon
Other way to learn typing
Colour it icon
A new colouring book for your children
Discover Microsoft Windows XP icon
An e-book with tips, links and articles about WinXP
Biogenesis icon
Experiment with microorganisms in your virtual laboratory
mdpColorTest icon
Psychometric Lüscher test to evaluate psychological conditions
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