Virtual Sandbox icon
Isolate your computer from dangerous internet content
User Time Control Center icon
Restrict the time others spend on your computer
Access Lock icon
Instantly block your system with a password
Predator icon
Block your PC using a USB drive
WinRAP icon
Easily hide any application or window from prying eyes
Easy File and Folder Protector icon
Limit access to files and folders according to the time of day
Free iOS Ads Remover icon
Delete the ads from your iOS apps
Renee USB Block icon
Block access to devices you connect to your PC
Xvirus Personal Guard icon
Protect your computer from any threat
Deskman Network icon
Restrict access to your computer or block programs in seconds
Crystal Security icon
Create a blacklist of suspicious files and get rid of them
Disk Drive Security icon
Protect any drive on your system from prying eyes
Kryptelite icon
Encrypt and protect an unlimited amount of files
Smart Windows App Blocker icon
Block any Windows application with just one click
Max File Encryption icon
Encrypt your files and securely protect your information
Aobo Porn Filter icon
Block unwanted websites and apps
HomeGuard Professional icon
Monitor activity over your internet connection
HomeGuard Activity Monitor icon
Monitor everything that happens on a computer
Internet Security Controller icon
Block access to Facebook and Twitter
BossComing icon
Hide everything and show desktop within less than a second
DEKSI USB Security icon
Block any unauthorized USB device
PutAside icon
Quickly hide all of your desktop windows
BlockAllow icon
Limit the content your children can access online
Dad's Around icon
Hide all windows just pressing a key
Clicky Gone icon
Hide windows using hotkeys
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