Sandboxie icon
Protect your computer from online threats
Anvi Folder Locker icon
Protect the folders on your PC
Folder-Protector icon
Hide and encrypt any file on your computer
KidKeyLock icon
Lock the keyboard and mouse when away
Anti-Porn icon
Blocks access to any pornographic content
Nessus icon
Inspect any network vulnerability
Any Weblock icon
Easily block any website
ZHider icon
Don't let them catch you browsing!
Desktop Lock icon
Avoid non authorized access to your desktop
KeyLemon icon
Lock and unlock your computer with your face
Smart PC Locker Pro icon
Don´t let anyone access your computer without your permission
WinRAP icon
Easily hide any application or window from prying eyes
Luxand Blink! icon
Start session in Windows, your face is the password
USB Manager icon
Manage your computer's USB ports
Xvirus Personal Guard icon
Protect your computer from any threat