REC: Shutter icon
A paranormal investigation in an insane asylum
Slender Space icon
Dead Space and Slender join each other in this horror adventure
Broken Sword 2.5 icon
The torid tale of the templar knights continues
1916 - Der Unbekannte Krieg icon
Experience the horror of the First World War
I See You icon
A horror game that directly attacks the player
Moirai icon
A woman has disappeared. Can you find out what happened to her?
Grave icon
Terror and death in an abandoned town
Candles icon
Go deep into darkness and face the terror
The Adventures of Fatman icon
Suck your belly in and put on your hero outfit
Don't do it icon
Will you dare to explore the lab?
ALIEN: La aventura icon
A terrifying adventure conversation
Crew: A Futuristic Detective Game icon
A game of 'Clue' on a spaceship
Postmortem icon
Choose who lives and who dies, then deal with the consequences
Kraven Manor icon
Get your fright fix at the Kraven Mansion
Octodad icon
The life of an octopus is not an easy one
9 Months In icon
A traditional graphic adventure set in prison
Tales of Monkey Island Episode 1 icon
The adventures of Guybrush start here
Prime Minister's Questions: The Game icon
A full-fledged Political Battle
Gemini Rue icon
Mystery, crimes and intrigue in the future
Akuji the Demon icon
Retro style fun platforms in 2D
In Search of the Light icon
Bring a sliver of light to a world of shadows
The Hollow icon
A fantasy tale where you play the starring role
Camp 1 icon
A traditional sci-fi/horror graphic adventure
The Deep icon
A journey through the ocean depths
Dead Cyborg: Episode 2 icon
The second installment of an adventure set in an imperfect future
Wilhem's Escape icon
Wilhem is trapped in a room full of dangers
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