Camera Block Free icon
Lock and turn off your camera with just a tap
Dimly icon
Adjust the brightness of your screen, even if it's below the minimum
Tasker Now icon
A plugin for Tasker to help you manage new features
Q-See QC View icon
Control and manage cameras on your property
Xtream-Codes IPTV icon
A tool for managing all aspects of IPTV Core
Free Video Editing Software icon
Edit your videos for the ideal result
Homesnap icon
Find places to rent and buy, all from your device
MP4 Video Editor icon
Use lots of editing tools in this video-editing app
HF Button Widget icon
Manage the headphone output on your smartphone
Aladin icon
Hydrometeorological forecast from the Czech Republic
Satellite Pointer icon
Observe the satellites that orbit around Earth
ES App Locker icon
Protect your privacy with this app blocker
Amber Weather icon
Umbrella or flip flops? Check the weather here
/system/app mover icon
Manage the privileges and functions of your applications
Next Launcher Patch icon
Get rid of any problems with Next Launcher
Weather 5 days icon
Check 5-day weather forecasts for any location
Network Signal Info icon
Detailed information about your data network signal
Complete Linux Installer icon
The Linux environment you love so much, on your smartphone
USB OTG Helper [root] icon
Forget having problems with your smartphone's USB
Ping & DNS icon
Network and diagnostic information
Unified Remote icon
Control your computer from your Android device
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