Wifi WPS PIN Generator icon
Access WiFi networks in your vicinity
System Info Droid icon
Get important data about your smartphone
Ixquick icon
A private search tool for your smartphone
Cam Scanner HD icon
Keep a document scanner in your pocket!
Curriculum Manager icon
Put your resume together without breaking a sweat!
My InfoZone icon
A great widget for accessing your Verizon account
Control My Data icon
Manage the data use on your smartphone
Kim Ariyor? icon
Find out who is calling your smartphone in this very second
IDrive Online icon
Make a backup copy of your digital life
DVBeep icon
A clock that will tell you the time out loud
Relax Forest icon
Real sounds from the wild to help you relax
ASmart Remote icon
Control various devices remotely from your Android device
Wifi Inspector icon
Check to see if someone's stealing your precious Internet
Samsung Members icon
All kinds of information on samsung products for Italy
New AppLock icon
Protect your personal information on your mobile device
Phone and SIM Info icon
Information on your device, its codes, and manufacturing details
Tool Box icon
An assortment of handy tools to use with your smartphone
Emoticon Keyboard icon
The best way to add emoticons
Adhan Time Pro icon
Record and organize your Koran readings and prayers with this tool
Wi-Fi icon
Get access to free WiFi networks using only one finger
Ticket icon
Manage your credit and promotions with Ticket
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