Knox Enrollment Service icon
Add thousands of Samsung smartphones to your administration provider
Internet Speed Meter Lite icon
Check the speed of your Internet connection on your status bar
Advanced Kurdish Keyboard icon
Write in Kurdish, Farsi, Arabic, and English on your keyboard
IDM icon
A robust download manager with everything you need
Huawei HiSuite icon
Manage files on your Huawei smartphone with ease
Samsung Record screen icon
A Samsung app for recording your smartphone's screen
Samsung User Manual icon
A user manual for Samsung devices
Samsung Call icon
The official Samsung app for making calls
Samsung text-to-speech engine icon
Voice synthesis for Samsung smartphones
Google Handwriting Input icon
Write with your finger instead of a traditional keyboard
Sidebar Lite icon
A sidebar for your Android smartphone
CLEO SA icon
Use scripts for GTA San Andreas's Android version
Router Setup Page icon
Set up your router by accessing the correct website
Samsung Cloud icon
An automatic backup of all your data and info
Hotspot Shield VPN icon
Access any content on the Internet
Lesser AudioSwitch icon
Change the audio output of your headphones, speakers or other output icon
Create your own WhatsApp sticker packs
Bixby Voice icon
The app you need to use Bixby voice service
OpenVPN Connect icon
The official OpenVPN client
VPN Proxy Master icon
A fast, safe, and simple VPN service
Fing - Network Tools icon
Find out what devices are connected to your WiFi network
Google Phone icon
Use the official Google dialer app on any smartphone
Helakuru icon
Different ways to type in Sinhalese with your keyboard
Set Orientation icon
Portrait or landscape mode – the choice is yours
Voice Access icon
Use your smartphone via voice commands
My Digi icon
Manage your Digi Telecommunications account
Livescore icon
Follow the live results of your favorite teams
Galaxy Wearable (Samsung Gear) icon
Manage your Galaxy Wearable with your smartphone
Phone Master icon
Instantly speed up and clear out old files on your smartphone
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