Digital Wellbeing icon
A daily review of your digital habits
Samsung Safety assistance icon
Samsung's safety assistant
External Storage icon
External storage manager for Android
Gspace icon
Use Google apps on Huawei cell phones
Default Print Service icon
A system app for printing from your smartphone
Certificate Installer icon
System app that allows installing certificates on Android
Holy Quran - Offline icon
An app to help you practice your faith
Mi Account icon
Your ideal companion for your Xiaomi
DO Multiple Space icon
Clone apps and manage different accounts from a single device
Samsung Software Update icon
Keep all your Samsung apps updates
SetupWizardLegalProvider icon
Check the terms and conditions when installing apps
Samsung Experience Svc icon
Samsung's official interface
MX Player Codec (ARMv7 NEON) icon
A necessary codec to make the MX Player work
Mi Updater icon
Keep your Xiaomi device up-to-date
Input Devices icon
System app that adapts the input form of a device
Samsung Calendar icon
The Samsung device calendar
Service mode icon
A system app for looking up device information
Work profile icon
A tool for Samsung Knox
Ampere icon
Check what voltage you need to charge your battery
Secret Video Recorder icon
Record your screen while you use your smartphone
Herramientas SIM icon
Toolkit for the Samsung SIM card
S9 Launcher icon
A simple, modern, and easy-to-use launcher
Samsung User Manual icon
A user manual for Samsung devices
CLONEit icon
Transfer important data from one smartphone to another
Hamro Patro icon
Nepalese calendar to make notes on while keeping up on popular events
Xiaomi Analytics icon
Discover how you use your Xiaomi device
FactoryCamera icon
A camera management system app for Samsung
Main components icon
A system app for your smartphone
My Digicel icon
Access your information and services with Digicel
Samsung Location SDK icon
A system kit for managing geolocation data
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