QR Code Reader icon
Scan the codes you find and explore their content
VMOS icon
An independent Android operating system inside your device
Flashlight icon
The best flashlight for your Android device
Google Calendar Sync icon
Sync your Google calendar
Vido : Lyrical Video Status Maker icon
A quick and easy way to edit videos
Google Assistant icon
Google's virtual assistant
WPSApp icon
Learn everything about your WiFi network
ConfigUpdater icon
A system app to display updates on Android
Purify icon
Speed up your smartphone by saving battery
Mi Scanner icon
Scan QR codes from a Xiaomi device
Quick Video Recorder icon
Record videos quickly and silently
Package installer icon
Official Google package and APK installer
Helakuru icon
Different ways to type in Sinhalese with your keyboard
Samsung Notes Add-ons icon
An extra app for managing your notes on Samsung
Settings App icon
Some extra help to adjust the settings on your smartphone
Xiaomi Gallery Editor icon
Edit photos and videos on your Xiaomi device
Samsung Phone icon
The official Samsung phone call app
Market Feedback Agent icon
Tell Google about your Android experience
Xiaomi FM Radio icon
Listen to the radio on your Xiaomi device
VPN Proxy Master icon
A fast, safe, and simple VPN service
Gspace icon
Use Google apps on Huawei cell phones
MineMaps icon
A database of maps for Minecraft Pocket Edition
Total Commander icon
Mobile version of the popular manager for Windows
Compatibility Test Suite icon
Test for compatibilities on your Android
Weather - By Xiaomi icon
Check the weather on your Xiaomi smartphone
Lite Uptodown App Store icon
The lite version of the native Uptodown app
Link Now icon
HUAWEI's instant messaging app
Huawei Mobile Services icon
Access all the benefits you get with Huawei
Phone Clone icon
Transfer all your information to your new Huawei smartphone
Google Authenticator icon
Keep your Google accounts safe with this identity verifier
VyprVPN icon
A fast, safe, and open VPN
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