CoronaCheck icon
COVID passport verifier in The Netherlands
Weather Home icon
Find all the updated weather information you need to know
Shizuku Manager icon
Run the Shizuku server to use apps that require it
Get access to WiFi in a brilliant way
Hammer VPN icon
Inspection and filtering of DPI packets
Sensor Kinetics-Innoventions icon
Find out what sensors your device has and how they compare to others
Motorola Connect icon
All your Motorola devices in one place
Turbo Followers for Instagram icon
Get new followers on Instagram with this app
Ice Box icon
Freeze the apps that you don't normally use
Multi ventana icon
Manage and create shortcuts on your screen
Circle SideBar icon
Shortcuts to your most used apps
King Root Installer icon
A quick and easy way to finally root your device
GMD Speed Time (Lite) icon
Reduce the waiting time required in farm games
SimDif icon
Building your own website has never been easier
Night screen icon
Adjust your screen to see better in the dark
ISO Extractor icon
Manage image files on your smartphone
Dr. Booster icon
Free up space on your smartphone and make your apps faster
iFlytek Voice Input icon
A voice-based input method to use on your mobile device
ROM Installer icon
A simple way to install ROMs on your Android
GFX Tool icon
Get the best gaming experiences with this booster
VPN Master icon
Avoid location restrictions with this useful tool
OnePlus Health icon
Monitor your health with OnePlus
Trichrome Library icon
Google libraries for your Android
Tags icon
Add tags to the images on your Samsung
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