Image To PDF Converter icon
Convert any picture to PDF format
Naver SmartBoard icon
Download and use this handy smart keyboard
nzb360 icon
A convenient NZB and torrent manager for Android
Samsung Battery Tracker icon
Manage your Samsung's battery usage
Assistive Touch icon
A single button helps you control your smartphone using your screen
LG Gaming icon
The official LG app for playing games
Screenshot Tile icon
Take screenshots of your Android's screen
Memories album icon
Create special albums of all your photos
Anti Mouse Repellent Sounds icon
Sounds that repel mice
Zmoji icon
Make unique emoji featuring your own avatar
HTC Boost+ icon
Keep your smartphone fast, clean, and safe
Shakey Wakey - Shake To Turn Screen On icon
Wake your device with a shake
TTL Master icon
Change the TTL value with a single click
Claro icon
Enjoy and download the best content from Claro here!
Test icon
Cheat codes and tricks to use in GTA V
Manage your subscription to Fastweb!
Dimly icon
Adjust the brightness of your screen, even if it's below the minimum
SIM Card Info icon
All the information stored on your SIM card
Hovering Controls icon
Gestural shortcuts on your smartphone
Hackers Tools icon
A kit of complementary apps for hackers
WarnWetter icon
Weather alerts in Germany
Dr. Safety icon
Block malicious attacks and viruses with this cute antivirus
Microsoft account icon
Verify your account and log on the easy way
Sophos Mobile Security icon
Get rid of the viruses on your Android device!
OTA Updater icon
Manage, add, and check OTA updates from your device
Windfinder icon
Find out the wind and tide information if you are practicing surf
Speed Gun icon
Calculate the speed of objects and people
iCarros icon
The best way to buy a car in Brazil
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