Meteorología Chile icon
Check the climate and weather for this South American country
Fb Video Downloader icon
Easily download videos from the social network
Smart Screen On/Off icon
Use the proximity sensor to turn your screen on and off
Working scale free icon
Weigh small objects on your smartphone
Contact Photo icon
Choose which image appears when a contact shows up
Hide My Phone! icon
Your private life will stay safe
Incoming Call Lock icon
Only you can pick up the phone and see who is calling
Universal Init.d icon
Emulates the behavior of the kernel mechanism
Mixing Station icon
Control your Behringer X32 from your phone
Bot Maker icon
Create bots for automated tasks on your smartphone
USB Keyboard icon
Transform your smartphone into a keyboard via USB
PNet icon
Find the perfect job in South Africa with this portal
HTML Editor icon
A tool for viewing and editing HTML code
Mobile Nmap icon
An excellent network detection tool
CF.lumen icon
Adjust your screen's color and brightness automatically
Root Verifier icon
Know if you have root access or not
SimDif icon
Building your own website has never been easier
Screen Off icon
Use this to turn off your screen instead
SD Insight icon
Check the authenticity of your card with this checker
Apps2SD icon
Administrative toolkit for your smartphone
QuickTouch icon
Get some new icons for your smartphone!
Mega Zoom Camera icon
Take pictures with your smartphone, even from very far away
AVG Protection for Xperia icon
Keep your Xperia safe with AVG
Google Connectivity Services icon
Manage all kinds of connections and networks on your smartphone
Hybrid Stopwatch and Timer icon
An easy way to measure the time
BitMaker icon
Get bitcoins! More or less...
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