PDF Reader for Android Free icon
Open any PDF document stored on your smartphone
Calculator icon
Hide important documents from prying eyes
Swift Backup icon
Create backups of all your device's data
Online İşlem icon
Make transactions with Turk Telekom
Hexatech icon
Browse with extra security thanks to this VPN service
Canvas AOD icon
A new feature for your OnePlus smartphone
Bitdefender VPN icon
Establish VPN connections to servers in any country
Aarogya Setu icon
Find out if you are near COVID-19 patients in India
CSEntry icon
Collect surveys created by CSPro
Screen Mirroring Miracast icon
Duplicate and transmit screen and audio in real-time
MyM1 icon
The best way to manage your account with M1 Singapore
MvBit icon
Edit your videos with thousands of incredible effects
Sideload Launcher Android TV icon
Sideload Launcher for Android TV
Notes icon
Carry around a virtual notebook for note-taking
Settings Suggestions icon
Improve your smartphone's settings
OPAPP icon
Check winning lottery numbers in Greece
CellMapper icon
Find cellular coverage maps for your area
Play Store Version icon
Information about Android versions for the Play Store
APN Settings icon
Access APN mobile networking features with this app
BuildProp Editor icon
Modify Build.Prop to optimize your smartphone
Quick Measure icon
Take quick measurements with your Android device
BitMaker icon
Get bitcoins! More or less...
Mantis Gamepad Pro icon
Use any controller to play all your games on Android
Card Package icon
Store your credit cards on your OnePlus
Islamic Calendar (Hijri) Free icon
Plan and synchronize your daily routine with the Islamic calendar
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