Swipe Status Bar icon
Use gestures to access notifications on your device
SD Tools icon
All the information you need to know about your MiniSD card
SureFire Alarm Clock icon
An alarm clock that lets you wake up in a good mood
Namaz Vakti icon
An app for Islamic prayer anytime, anywhere
Battery Info icon
Reliable reports on your battery
Tuning Fork icon
Set tone, frequency, form and manage the sound to your liking
Color Light Touch icon
Turn your smartphone's screen whatever color you want
Hide App icon
Hide the apps that are taking up space on your smartphone
Fazilet Takvimi icon
A Turkish app about Islam
Instant Car Check icon
Buy a car in the UK in no time!
Accelerometer Monitor icon
Vibration meter tool with reliable results
Auto Tasks Plugin icon
Automate your schedule with this app
Pampers Rewards icon
Want to earn points and get rewards?
Sensor Sense icon
Keep track of all the data provided by your Android's sensors
Boxcryptor Classic icon
Keep all your files safe in the cloud
Wi-Fi Rabbit icon
Assign icons to your WiFi connection status
Network Tools icon
Optimize your data network with these configuration options
Battery Cartoon icon
Displays your battery level with a funny character
3G Data Only! icon
Do you know the advantages of using only 3G?
Unused App Remover icon
Get rid of all those apps you don't use
LED Flashlight icon
A flashlight application with all kinds of features
Brightness icon
Easy way to adjust your screen's brightness
Digital Speedometer icon
The coolest speedometer for Android
Epson Creative Print icon
Make hard copies of your favorite photos with your Epson printer
Fractional Calculator icon
A calculator that lets you work with fractions
PDF Password icon
Shield and open those PDFs that contain passwords
Swipe Home Button icon
Control your smartphone without pressing any buttons
USB Device Info icon
Information on your USB drive
Feel The Wear icon
Set up vibrations for your smartwatch
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