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Download Fitness apps for Android for free

Huawei Health icon
The official Huawei app to monitor your health
Da Fit icon
Monitor data from your fitness tracker
Sweatcoin Pays You To Get Fit icon
Get rewards for walking and doing sports
HryFine icon
Sync your smartwatch with Android
Samsung Health icon
Trainer that sets objectives and challenges to keep you in shape
Home Workout icon
The best way to exercise at home
Fitbit icon
An app that helps you have a healthier life
Lefun Health icon
Monitor fitness, sleep, and health metrics seamlessly with this app
Wearfit Pro icon
Access relevant data from your smart wristband
Calorie Counter - MyFitnessPal icon
The perfect application to help you lose weight
Free Pregnancy Test icon
Guide to perform your pregnancy test correctly
Medscape icon
News and tools for any physician or healthcare professional
Innertune: Listen Affirmations icon
Elevate life with daily affirmations and positive mindset tools
Strava icon
Get out and run, ride your bike, train your body
Mi Fitness (Xiaomi Wear) icon
Keep an eye on your physical activity with Xiaomi
NoiseFit icon
The ultimate fitness app
Step Master icon
Track steps and calories burned securely without GPS or personal data
Garmin Connect icon
Keep track of your health and fitness goals with this management app
Six Pack in 30 Days icon
Get toned and defined abs in just 30 days
Ayushman App icon
Free healthcare access for underprivileged families in India
Anatomy 3D Atlas icon
Explore detailed 3D human anatomy with interactive high-res models
Body Editor icon
Improve your physical appearance in photos
FitCloudPro icon
Enhance smartwatch connectivity and health tracking with FitCloudPro
KINDiLink icon
Enhance hearing aid management and personalization via Android app
Juggluco icon
Displays glucose values received from Freestyle Libre 2 and 3 sensors
Zeroner Health Pro icon
Connect to your fitness tracker
Jawline Exercises - Face Yoga icon
Define your jawline and lose a double chin with these exercises
RDFit icon
ShenZhen runder Communication
Huawei Wear icon
Track your daily workouts
Zepp Life icon
Track your physical activity and sync your health and sleep data
Me+ Daily Routine Planner icon
Establish healthy daily habits
Female Fitness - Women Workout icon
Get in shape with this daily workout app
TAGG Active icon
Optimize health with AI-driven fitness tracking and personalized goals
Optimize health tracking with smart wearable integration and insightful metrics
HeyTap Health icon
Health app for Oppo devices
PacePal icon
Walk Pal
Crash Predictor Basic icon
Track and manage diet, count calories, ensure proper nutrition
beatXP FIT/TRAK (official app) icon
GHV Medical Anchor Private Limited
Fastrack Smart World icon
Titan Company Limited
eBike Flow icon
Central app for eBike management, navigation, and security features
Dental - Lite icon
A 3D illustrated encyclopedia for learning about teeth
Pedometer Step Counter icon
Calculate how many steps you take and how many calories you burn
Lose Weight App for Men icon
Reach your desired fitness level with this exercise plan
GloryFit icon
Monitor your Q18 smartwatch data
MyNetDiary icon
A plan and diet-based weight loss app
Fighting Trainer icon
Learn and practice martial arts with this amazingly detailed app
Cashwalk icon
Win prizes as you track your steps
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