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Manage your prescriptions and other information
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Appointments, reminders, medications... put your health first
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Access your Asisa healthcare account wherever you are
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Use your phone as a personal trainer
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Just soccer, and in French
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Remember doctor appointments and track your health
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Monitor how many steps you take every day
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Do speed tests with this app
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An informative resource on diseases and their symptoms
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A visual way to monitor your progress on your diet
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Escape from Zombies by running for real
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Adorable plants that remind you to drink water
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Keep a detailed record of the water you drink every day
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Ask a real doctor questions via video chat
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Burn extra calories with this running coach
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A tool that every health care professional should have
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Monitor all your physical activity
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Get in shape with these workout routines
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Get in shape with these exercise plans
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Make sure you're drinking enough water
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An RPG that helps you stay in shape
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Track your physical exercise and sleep time with this app
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Are you looking for an excellent medical database?
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