AutoWallpaper icon
Easily change the wallpaper
Dream Desktop Agent icon
More than 5000 wallpapers for your desktop
DeskSlide icon
Automatically change the wallpaper each certain time
X-Fusions Wallpapers icon
Access thousands of wallpapers and set them as background
Invictus icon
He gave them a champion... and a good wallpaper
Chicken Little Wallpaper icon
Protect yourself, the sky is falling
Stay Alive wallpaper icon
You die in the game, You die for real
X-MEN The last stand wallpaper icon
Wolverine in your desktop, X-MEN is back again
Over the hedge wallpaper icon
Your favourite tribe has arrived to your desktop
Crank Wallpaper icon
Adrenaline, that's what he needs. Now in your Desktop
Open Season Wallpaper icon
Open Season, enjoy your new friends in your desktop
Spiderman 3 Wallpaper icon
Let Spiderman protect your wallpaper
Desktop Album Display icon
Start playing your music from the desktop
San Antonio Spurs icon
The wallpaper of the 2007 NBA champs
Wimbledon Wallpaper icon
Set Wimbledon courts as your wallpaper
Manhunt 2 icon
Bring Manhunt 2 violence to your desktop
Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix icon
Harry Potter is back, prepare your magic wand
The Bourne Ultimatum icon
Matt Damon is.. Jason Bourne and he's back again
Resident Evil Extinction Wallpaper icon
Alice can protect your desktop, set her as wallpaper
NYC wallpaper icon
A fantastic wallpaper featuring New York City
Beowulf Wallpaper icon
Go back to the age of heroes
Enchanted wallpaper icon
Have an Enchanted desktop this Christmas
Lakers February Schedule icon
Pau Gasol has gone to L.A. Lakers... and to your desktop
Valentine Day Wallpaper icon
Say I love you in lots of languages
Vantage Point Wallpaper icon
8 strangers, 8 points of view, 1 wallpaper
Lakers March Schedule icon
Keep up with every lakers game in March
Hellboy II wallpaper icon
From the hell right to your desktop
Street Kings Wallpaper icon
Your desktop can be the king of the street
Speed Racer Wallpaper icon
Elegant Speed Racer wallpaper featuring Mach 5
Desktopography wallpaper icon
Great colorful nature themed wallpaper
Indiana Jones 4 icon
The latest Indy wallpaper
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