Google Translate Desktop icon
A desktop version of the official translator from Google
Deepl icon
One of the most widely-used online translators
QTranslate icon
Languages won't be a problem anymore
Google Translate Desktop icon
Translate from and to any language in a snap
Ace Translator icon
Quick and effective translation into dozens of languages.
Cute Translator icon
Translate any document into any language you want
Web Translator icon
Translate websites using this application
Transmiti icon
A translator that integrates itself with all your programs
Translate Net icon
Use the best online translators right from desktop
Babylon icon
Translate into English at the moment
Google Translate Client icon
Translate any text using Google translator
Wanem Unicode Converter icon
Convert Romanized Nepali to Nepali and translate straight from English
IniTranslator icon
Manage INI files to facilitate translating
Magic Translator icon
Translate text into any language with just a click
Linguarde icon
Translate any text on your screen
IdiomaX Translation Suite icon
Translate any text anywhere
IdiomaX Web Translator icon
Access any website and translate it on the fly
LangOver icon
Change the language of the keyboard in a snap
OmegaT icon
Free and good Computer Assisted Translation tool
Spanglish icon
Translate to Spanish by just hovering your cursor
Babel Fish Direct icon
Powerful full-text translation
Instant Translation Translator icon
Spanish-English free translator
WordPoint icon
Translate any word to the language you want
Business Translator icon
Translate your documents and search meanings online
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