Tizer Secure icon
Scan your computer for any threat and eliminate it
Slow PC Fighter icon
Remove harmful elements and improve your PC’s performance
GIGATweaker icon
Apply dozens of trick to power up Windows 7
SetteMaxer icon
An easy-to-use menu to optimize Windows 7
Erase Temp icon
Delete old temporary files automatically
EnhanceMySe7en icon
Optimize Windows 7 performance
SysCheckUp icon
The perfect partner when trying to make your computer run smoothly
WinRAM icon
Free up RAM and speed up your PC
Boot Snooze icon
Program your computer to be restarted
XtraTools icon
Tool pack to power up your system´s performance
Battery Doubler icon
Increase your battery's autonomy
Easy XP Manager icon
Tweak and tune up Windows XP
Vista Manager icon
The new Operating System should be optimized too
Memory and CPU Observer icon
Observe the inner workings of your computer
Error Messages icon
Find out why your computer is crashing
Alpx icon
Reduce the size of .exe, .dll, and .ocx files
Ainhi icon
Improve the performance of your PC by modifying the registry
Alternate Task Manager icon
Finish all processes you don’t like
Instant Memory Cleaner icon
Effective tool to free RAM space
Portinho Boot XP icon
Application that optimizes Windows XP startup
nLite icon
Choose the windows programs you want to have installed
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