Photo & Design

Picasa icon
Organize and view all your pictures easily
Scratch icon
Create your own animations in a very simple way
DaVinci Resolve icon
The most powerful and complete post-production video tool for PC
LightShot icon
Take screenshots, edit them, and upload them to the net
SketchUp Pro icon
Easy, fast 3D modeling tool
CorelDRAW icon
One of the best graphic design tools
Tux Paint icon
Fantastic drawing application for children
GIMP icon
Powerful open source graphic editor
Blender icon
Excellent 3D Modeling program
Photoscape icon
Complete image editing and management suite
Cinema 4D icon
Animate, model, simulate and render in 3D
Spark AR Studio icon
Create augmented reality effects for Instagram and Facebook
Synfig Studio icon
Professional looking 2D animations
ZModeler icon
One of the best 3D modeling tools
Krita icon
Digital drawing and vector design suite
AMCap icon
Simple video capture tool
Nik Collection icon
The most comprehensive range of filters for Photoshop
Meshroom icon
Make 3D models from photos
Pencil2D icon
Freeware for creating 2D animations by hand
MediBang Paint icon
Draw comics and illustrations easily
Light Image Resizer icon
Easily resize images
Pixlr Desktop icon
Photo editing at the reach of anyone
Sweet Home 3D icon
Design your house in 3D in an easy and accurate way
Paint.NET icon
A free photo editing and retouching tool with layers
Stykz icon
Create and animate your own stickmen
Pichon icon
135,000+ pixel-perfect icons in multiple sizes and formats
Macromedia FreeHand icon
Powerful and professional vectorial design tool
ShareX icon
A comprehensive screenshot application
Muvizu icon
Create animated movies in a short time
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