AlgoSim icon
Analyse and represent graphically Math functions
Limix Suite icon
A collection of math apps
Multiplication Flash icon
Help the kids with their multiplication tables
3D Geometrical Objects icon
The perfect complement for teaching math
PrimeNumbers icon
Check if a number is prime in just a second
KKuentas icon
Math operations for the first years of school
Math Solver II icon
Easy-to-use and full featured scientific calculator
Equation Wizard icon
Solve algebraic equations in seconds
DataStudio icon
Graphic data representation of almost every matter
Triangulos icon
Learn to solve and construct triangles
SpaceTime Mathematics icon
Solve integrals, derivatives, matrixes, equations,...
Valgetal icon
It looks like Tetris, but it teaches you Maths
Zhu3D icon
Represent Math functions in 3D
Free Jetico Scientific Calculator icon
A scientific calculator to solve any math problem
Numi icon
A powerful calculator that can combine operations and text
Judy's TenKey icon
The most complete calculator for Windows
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