Sudoku Portable icon
Play Sudoku on any PC, without installation
System S.A.V.I. icon
Virtual assistant system with facial recognition
Chaser icon
You find what you're looking for?
BrainSport Extreme icon
Sokoban, now more difficult than ever
Royal Match icon
Exercise and improve your memory with this card game
Word U icon
Put your brain to the test and create long word combinations
And Then There Was One icon
Kill your targets in a crowd
Edmund icon
A dark story of abuse
Cloud icon
A relaxing trip through the clouds
Probably Archery icon
Using a bow isn't exactly easy
Pragmatica icon
Guide the robots so they arrive safe and sound
Way icon
An adventure where you have to learn to communicate
Execution icon
To shoot or not to shoot, that is the question
The Cat and the Coup icon
A thrilling documentary-style game where you learn as you play
Verba icon
Make words and go on to the next level
Zen Bondage icon
Tie up unique wooden figures with a rope
Illuminator icon
Escape from the monsters using only your flashlight
Super Mario Tetris icon
Play Tetris using Mario boxes as tiles
HoDoKu icon
Create and solve thousands of Sudokus
100 levels to Cube it icon
Develop geometric thinking with this 2D puzzle game similar to Rubik's cube
ReversiFlex icon
Enjoy the classic reversi with customized tables
MemoryLifter icon
Exercise your brain trying to answer a lot of questions
Sudoku Solitaire icon
Put colors where numbers used to be and have more fun
Sudokumat icon
Create and solve sudokus easily
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