Instant Messaging

Vistafy icon
Vista styled Skin for Windows Live Messenger
SpeedyMessenger icon
Enjoy this simple version of MSN Messenger
SIM icon
A complete messaging client, compatible with MSN
Music Logger Plus icon
Know the music your contacts are listening to
xTimer icon
Plan actions with this timer for messenger
Instantbird icon
IM program based on Mozilla
Emoticonos 3D icon
Enjoy new 3d emoticons in your Messenger chat sessions
BuddyFuse icon
Talk to your Google contacts on Windows Live Messenger
vEmotion icon
Add voice and sound effects to your voice conversations
Messenger 10th Anniversary Pack icon
Messenger celebrates its 10th anniversary with a bunch of gifts
WLM Universal Patcher icon
First patch for the New Windows Live Messenger
AntiBrowserSpy icon
Perfectly safe web surfing on any browser
AIM icon
An alternative to MSN for communicating with your friends
Yahoo Friend icon
Power up your chatting experience
IPGet icon
Messenger Plus plugin to get the IP of your contacts
MSN Nickname Maker icon
Your nickname, now more ashionable than ever
ICQ6 Picture Changer icon
Remove the advertising and place your own photos instead
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