Zoom Cloud Meetings icon
Video calls and meetings with tons of other possibilities
MassFaces icon
Download videos from Facebook
Yahoo Multi Messenger icon
Add multisession capacity to your Yahoo Messenger
Messenger Detect icon
Secretly detect and record MSN chats in your network
Virtual Camera icon
Send videos via messenger as if they were your webcam
Messenger Plus! Live icon
There exists a new MSN Messenger... it also needs a Plus!
Ext2Read icon
Search for and copy Linux files using Windows
Instant Messenger Cleaner icon
Eliminate any menace coming from Windows Live Messenger
Cam Wizard icon
Easy to use motion detector
Windows 7 Skin icon
Enjoy WLM with the next generation look
Messenger Reviver icon
Leave out the Skype update and keep the classic MSN
SimpLite MSN icon
Protect your MSN conversations
SweetIM icon
Free emoticons, winks and more for MSN, Yahoo or AIM
MessengerDetect icon
Intercept Messenger conversations on a local network