Telegram for Desktop icon
Chat with all your Telegram contacts from your desktop
Yahoo Messenger icon
More features, more quality, more instant messenger
QQ icon
Chat with your contacts and make friends on the QQ network
Line icon
Like Whatsapp, but on your computer's desktop
Google Talk icon
GTalk with all your friends
imo icon
The online messenger comes to your desk
Frim icon
Chat app for Windows
Windows Live Messenger icon
The new messenger has arrived!
ICQ icon
New ICQ, better than ever
Softros LAN messenger icon
Chat with other users connected to your LAN
Pidgin icon
Your IM accounts, all together
Outlook LAN Messenger icon
Robust messaging client for intranets
VZOChat icon
Video conference system with conversation recording
Gaim icon
All your messenger accounts in a single client
Pandion icon
A simple instant messaging client
Trillian icon
MSN, Yahoo and ICQ together? Trillian makes it possible
TorChat icon
Chat in a completely anonymous way
Palringo icon
Multi-platform instant messaging service
Franz icon
The only client you'll need for all of your instant messaging apps
Samsung ChatON icon
Communicate with your Samsung ChatON contacts on your PC
Wii Messenger icon
Elegant Skin for WLM inspired on Wii
MySpaceIM icon
MySpace also has its own IM Client
AIM icon
An alternative to MSN for communicating with your friends
CoolMessenger icon
Exchange ideas and files with your work colleagues
Darkside Skin for Yahoo Messenger 9 icon
Stylish dark skin for Yahoo Messenger 9
Windows Live Messenger 2008 icon
More features for the most recent version of Messenger