PC Icon extractor icon
Don’t search for Icons, look what you have in your PC
Pretty Icon Maker icon
Create your own icons and give a new look to your desktop
Alpha Icon Creator icon
Create your 32-bit icons from any bitmap source
Black Power emoticons icon
Add Black Power to anything with these icons
Creatures Icons 2 icon
A funny and terrorific pack of icons for your desktop
Folders Icon Pack icon
New wonderful and colorful icons for your folders
Futurama Icons icon
Give your desktop a futurama look
Patapon Icons icon
An army of caricature tribal miniature creatures as icons
Star Wars Icons icon
May the icons be with you
Picture To Icon icon
Convert any picture into an icon
Wall-E icons icon
Great icons of Wall-E and EVE
Space Invaders Icons icon
A pack of icons for Space Invaders lovers
Vista Buttons icon
Create Vista-style web buttons with just a few clicks
Coraline icons icon
Set of icons of the characters of Coraline movie
South Park Icons icon
59 South Park icons to customize your desktop
Simpsons Icons icon
A lot of hilarious Simpson´s icons
CustomizeIE icon
Add whatever buttons you want to your browser
ActivIcon icon
Modify all of your Windows icons, no restrictions!
Longhorn High PX icon
More new icons for your PC
SnIco Edit icon
Create your own icons and personalize your PC
Vista High XP icon
Decorate your PC with icons based on Windows Vista
Msn Buddy Icons icon
Complete MSN based icon pack
IconLab icon
Icon and cursor easy-to-use editor
Icon Keeper icon
Keep your icons ordered as you want
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