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Slender icon
Are you afraid of the dark? You will be
Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion icon
Jump out of your seat in this horror game
Forget Me Not Annie icon
Real horror starring a young girl
Five Nights at Freddy's 4 icon
The last chapter on this horror saga
P.T. for PC icon
The terrifying P.T. for PS4, now on PC
7 Days icon
A horror story with no escape
Midnight Man icon
A real ritual, an enormous house, and one night to survive it all
Identity V icon
Run for your life or become a monster: you decide
SCP - Containment Breach icon
Something has gone horribly wrong in the laboratory!
In The Woods icon
Your car breaks down in the middle of a scary forest
Eyes: The Horror Game icon
The terror is watching... and it's out to get you
Anxiety : Lost Night icon
You're trapped in your car in the middle of the night ...
One Late Night icon
Terror in the office
Misao icon
Terror adventure game set in a Japanese school
Do You Copy? icon
Can you help this traveler to survive?
Swamp Sim Horror icon
A slender game with Shrek
Mad Father icon
A terrifying tale of love and death
Terrordrome icon
The most iconic horror characters from the big screen come together
Linger icon
You've been trapped in an apartment ...
Dungeon Nightmares icon
Nightmares in a dark dungeon
The Witch's House icon
Will you be able to help the little protagonist to survive?
Friday the 13th 3D icon
You are Jason, and your objective is to kill everyone
Dark Ocean icon
Terror on the open sea
Slender Space icon
Dead Space and Slender join each other in this horror adventure
Grave icon
Terror and death in an abandoned town
I See You icon
A horror game that directly attacks the player
Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning icon
Learn with Baldi... or not
The Train icon
Terror comes to the railcars
Pizza Delivery icon
Delivering a pizza has never been so scary
Don't do it icon
Will you dare to explore the lab?
Imscared icon
Independent first-person horror adventure
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