Subliminal Flash icon
Subliminal messages for subconcious motivation
FriendEye icon
Give your eyes a rest every now and then
Off4Fit icon
Keep fit while working or at home
Recipes Ship icon
Keep track of your recipes and find new ones
Calorie Requirement icon
Calculate how many calories your body needs every day.
CUPath icon
Test your memorization and orientation skills
WinBraille icon
Translate, format and adjust your text for your braille embosser
BMI Calculator icon
Quickly find out your Body Mass Index
AntiSmoke icon
Control the time since you gave up smoking
HealthFrame icon
Keep track of your medical record on your computer
Advanced Woman Calendar icon
Create your own calendar to help you achieve or avoid conception
AdelTronix icon
Control your weight and keep track of your diet
Ovulation Calendar Calculator icon
Calculate the best time to conceive
My Recipebook Professional icon
Get a comprehensive recipe library
Doctor Vet icon
Manage your own veterinary clinic and ease your daily work
Control Salud icon
Manage the clinic from your desktop
PostureMinder icon
Correct your posture in front of the computer
Hamster Free Woman Calendar icon
Avoid unwanted pregnancies
My Medications List icon
Keep a perfect record of the medicines you take
Bedtime Help icon
Good helper to go to bed at good time
SportTracks icon
The ultimate training plan
Visolve icon
Are you color-blind? This program is for you
Biorhythms icon
All the info about your biorhythms, just a click away
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