Subliminal Flash icon
Subliminal messages for subconcious motivation
Advanced Woman Calendar icon
Create your own calendar to help you achieve or avoid conception
FriendEye icon
Give your eyes a rest every now and then
Runners Studio icon
Good program from runners to runners
Reflexion icon
Know when you have to take a rest from the computer screen
Calorie Requirement icon
Calculate how many calories your body needs every day.
Doctor Vet icon
Manage your own veterinary clinic and ease your daily work
My Medications List icon
Keep a perfect record of the medicines you take
BMI Calculator icon
Quickly find out your Body Mass Index
Biorhythms icon
All the info about your biorhythms, just a click away
Gourmet Recipe Manager icon
Interesting virtual recipe book
DietController icon
Take control of your diet
Hair Master icon
Change your look, start with a new hair style