ASUS Ai Charger icon
Charge the battery of your iPad via USB port
KDE Windows Installer icon
Enjoy Windows from the Linux KDE desktop environment
ReShade icon
Improve the image of classic games and films
Logitech Options icon
Improve the performance of your Logitech devices
Windows Repair Toolbox icon
Fix your computer problems with just one click
Microsoft Windows Installer icon
Installation and configuration service for Windows
Res-o-matic icon
Creae shortcuts to run apps at different resolutions
CPU-Control icon
Regulate your multicore system
SteelSeries GG icon
Make the most of your SteelSeries devices
Free Instagram Download icon
Download any video or picture from Instagram
KeyboardTest icon
Test your keyboard
Xboot icon
Load multiple ISO images on a USB device
Neutron icon
Synchronize your Windows clock with the real time
Medieval Bluetooth Network Scanner icon
Analyze surrounding Bluetooth devices
Ventoy icon
Turn your USB into a bootable removable drive
Kill icon
Close windows with just one click
Toolwiz Time Freeze icon
Work in a safe environment free of dangerous changes
Zotero icon
Your own personal research assistant
Gamma Control icon
Some keyboard shortcuts to control your computer's gamma
Windows Enabler icon
Activate functions your application has blocked
KeyFreeze icon
Lock your keyboard and mouse with a quick double-click
Optimizer icon
Keep your personal computer secure and under your control
Miro icon
Work with your team in real time on this virtual drawing board
Allmyapps icon
Easily install programs on your computer
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