Trip Trace icon
Geolocalize the photos of your trips and comment the places
Global Weather 3D icon
Check cloudiness on a 3D representation of the Earth
Digital Physiognomy icon
Facial recognition software, just like in the movies
Verdiem Edison icon
Find out how much energy you save by changing the consumption profile
Converber icon
A fantastic unit converter
Earthquake 3D icon
Know exactly where the earthquakes take place in this 3D map
Everything I own icon
Elaborate a complete database of everything you own
ohmiGene PC icon
A fantastic tool to create a family tree
MegaQuin icon
Take your betting pools to the next level
Calizo icon
Calendar application that groups events in timeline
PerfectTablePlan icon
Easy distribution of invitees by table for celebrations
Limix Matriculas icon
Do you know when your car was registered?
Argumentative icon
Easy-to-use mind mapping software
Book Label icon
Manage your personal library with this tool
Earth Alerts icon
Control natural events with just one click
AVS Mobile Uploader icon
Transfer files to your PSP, iPod, mobile,...
EarthBrowser icon
Increase your knowledge about the Earth
EarthDesk icon
Dynamic world map for your desktop
DigyTarot icon
Discover things about yourself thanks to tarot
EarthTime icon
What is the time all around the world?
MagicScore Classic icon
An original tool for composers of music
Baby Diary icon
Multimedia diary for the life of your baby
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