TuxGuitar icon
Edit and create your own music tablatures
Pointing Magnifier icon
Turn your mouse into a magnifier
DS Clock icon
A permanently synchronized clock for your desktop
My Free Weather icon
All the weather information you need, right on your computer
Litecoin icon
Manage your Litecoins transactions from your desktop
Focus Booster icon
Use the popular Pomodoro-time management technique
Tomighty icon
An easy way to apply the pomodoro technique
Edinamarry Free Tarot Software icon
A complete tarot deck for your computer
EasyGPS icon
Enlarge the contents of your GPS with this editor
FreeApps icon
Download lots of free applications
Metronome Timer icon
A small digital metronome specially for musicians
WXTide icon
Know the state of the tides in every part of the world
WeatherEye icon
Worldwide weather right on your desktop
TurnedOnTimesView icon
Find out when and why your PC turned on or off