Clippy icon
Great parody of the Microsoft Help Assistant
Physion icon
Have fun while playing and learning physics
Comic Book Creator icon
Show off your comic creations with this useful tool
Fake Format icon
Fake your friends by formating their HD
Mousotron icon
Want to know how many yards your mouse travels?
Radical Comic Designer icon
Funny way to create your own comics
Color Personality Test icon
Evaluate your personality based on your favorite colors
BabyMaker icon
Know how your baby will look like
Kast icon
Share content and chat during virtual parties
Kill the mouse icon
A prank that makes it seem as though your PC is reformatting
Creador de errores falsos icon
Make fake computer errors for pranks
Graphicly Comics icon
Social network for comic fans
PopUp Wisdom icon
Make your day brighter with these funny pop-up quotes
Znow icon
It's snowing on your desktop!
Christmas Lights icon
Christmas lights on your desktop