Thunderbird icon
Safe, fast, easy and free, the perfect email client
Foxmail icon
A really good mail client for free
IMAPSize icon
Fast and effective management of your IMAP mail accounts
DreamMail icon
A very complete email client with dozens of templates
Free SMTP Server icon
Use a SMTP server to send your emails
eM Client icon
A robust email client
Advanced Emailer icon
Create, organize, and send email subscriptions
Mailbird icon
A powerful email client for Windows
Thunderbird Portable icon
Read your e-mails using any computer
GMail Backup icon
Create backups of Gmail accounts
The Bat icon
Simple email account management
Gmail-Notifier icon
Notification of new Gmail e-mails on your desktop
Your Freedom icon
Reroute your IP address to bypass geographic restrictions
GMail Drive icon
Create a virtual drive by using your Gmail account
Outlook on the Desktop icon
Set Outlook calendar on the desktop