Omega Messenger icon
Efficient multi messenger client
Email Verifier icon
Keep your list of email addresses updated and verified
GMail Drive icon
Create a virtual drive by using your Gmail account
Mailing List Deluxe icon
Send out custom mass mailings to your customers
Eudora OSE icon
The most comprehensive way to manage your email
GDS Video Thumbnailer icon
Create thumbnails for your videos
Live Hotmail Email Notifier icon
Recieve Instant Hotmail notifications
CloudMagic icon
Search for things super fast in your email inbox
Noah icon
Much more than just another email manager
Spicebird icon
A revolutionary personal information manager
MDaemon icon
Powerful mail server with extra options
Gmail-Notifier icon
Notification of new Gmail e-mails on your desktop
eMailaya icon
Free full featured email client
Spam Monitor icon
Keep your inbox free of spam
Spy Eraser icon
Protect your PC, Spy Eraser will help you
Chul Gmail Notifier icon
The easy way to know if you receive an email to GMail
Geemail icon
Check your Gmail inbox from desktop
DeskTask icon
Display Outlook's agenda and calendar on your desktop
Eudora icon
Take control of your email
Xobni icon
Enhance Outlook and make it better
Koma-Mail icon
Check your inbox without downloading the messages
Gmail Notifier Plus icon
A Gmail notifier for Windows 7
Mail Resender icon
Easy migration between Gmail and Yahoo mail accounts
Free SMTP Server icon
Use a SMTP server to send your emails
DynAvance Notifier icon
Get notifications for new emails from Gmail, Hotmail, or POP accounts
Outlook on the Desktop icon
Set Outlook calendar on the desktop
ConCon Retriever icon
Backup your MSN winks and emoticons
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