The world’s largest software collection for programming in Html, Java, PHP and C++ languages
The Games Factory icon
Create all kinds of 2D game without programming skills
Codelobster PHP Edition icon
A comprehensive and all-purpose integrated development environment
Alice icon
The best way to teach programming to children and youth
Toad Data Modeler icon
Professional designs for databases
EasyPHP icon
Complete web-development tool pack
AutoPlay Media Studio icon
Easily create powerful multimedia software applications
Quest icon
Create your own video games in the blink of an eye
PhpStorm icon
A smart and quick IDE for working on PHP
Wincvs icon
Collaborate and track all changes in your software project
Programmers Notepad icon
A comprehensive programming editor for multiple languages
FPDF icon
PHP class that allows you to print as PDF
Adventure Maker icon
Create your own video game without having to program
DBeaver icon
Manage several databases from one single tool
Run icon
XML Notepad 2007 icon
Simple XML editor
Vim icon
Text editor that makes things easier for programmers
Arcade Game Studio icon
Create retro games with the style of classic arcade games
LCC Win32 icon
Simple and practical development environment in C
Ruby icon
Dynamic, open-source programming language
MySQL GUI Tools icon
Utility packet for MySQL databases
Game Editor icon
A Windows environment to develop 2D games
Joomla icon
An easy to install and set-up Content Management System
Smart Install Maker icon
Excellent application for creating setup files
DatAdmin icon
A free manager for multiformat databases
Visual C Sharp icon
Developer tool for Microsoft C# language
PHP Runner icon
Create PHP pages to modify the content of a database
Vbs To Exe icon
Convert VBS files into EXE format
Orca icon
AJAX user-administrated forum system
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