Desktop Themes

TopThemesXP icon
Control and customize your desktop themes
Vista Inspirat BricoPack icon
Vista look in your XP, thanks to this well-known theme
Longhorn Plex Remix XP 4.0 icon
Transform Windows XP into Longhorn Plex
Windows 8 UX Pack icon
Dress up Window 7 in a Windows 8 style
Valentine Windows 7 Theme icon
Celebrate Valentine's Day with this Windows Theme
UXTheme Multipatcher icon
Use any msstyle on any Wiindows OS version
DameK UltraBlue icon
Modernize your desktop
Royale Remixed Theme icon
Decorate Windows XP with a similar theme like the one of Vista
Christmas Elf icon
Decorate your computer with Christmassy items
Ashampoo Gadge It icon
Create your own custom gadgets and improve your desktop
Megan Fox Windows Theme icon
Desktop wallpaper of Megan Fox
Crysis Windows Theme icon
All the power of Crysis on your Desktop
Justin Bieber: Never Say Never Theme icon
The official Justin Bieber theme on your PC
LaunchPad for Win7 icon
Give your desktop an iPad style
Dewness icon
Relaxing Windows 7 Theme
Perfect Winter Landscape icon
Beautiful snowy landscape for your desktop
Zodíaco de Zune Windows 7 Theme icon
Enjoy images of the Chinese zodiac on your desktop
Dallas Cowboys ScreenServer icon
Be an early bird, all about Dallas cowboys on your desktop
The Simpsons Christmas Theme icon
It’s Christmas in Springfield
Los Simpsons Christmas Theme icon
It’s going to be a fun Christmas on your PC
Crystal Clear Bricopack icon
Do you want to change your Windows XP look?
GoGuS Desktop Environment icon
Change the organization of your desktop
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