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Download databases software for Windows for free

MySQL Workbench icon
Visual tool for MySQL databases
PostgreSQL icon
Robust relational database system
DBeaver icon
Manage several databases from one single tool
dbForge Studio for MySQL icon
The most intelligent MySQL management tool
Microsoft SQL Server icon
Powerful data base management system
Navicat Premium icon
dbForge Studio for PostgreSQL icon
Multifunctional PostgreSQL GUI
MySQL Administrator icon
Visually manage your MySQL database server
SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) icon
Microsoft Corporation
dbForge Studio for SQL Server icon
Great SQL Server IDE for really effective development
MySQL Essential icon
Use BBDD on your server for free
Ubuntu (WSL) icon
Canonical Group Limited
DatAdmin icon
A free manager for multiformat databases
SQLBackupAndFTP icon
Oracle Berkeley DB icon
Free database engine to store all your applications
MySQL GUI Tools icon
Utility packet for MySQL databases
Database Designer icon
A simple way to design databases
Stellar Repair for MS SQL icon
SQL Database Recovery Tool Repairs Corrupt SQL Server (.mdf & .ndf)
dbdesigner icon
Visually design and maintain your MySQL database
FireBird icon
Managament system for open databases
XML Model Analyzer icon
Sort and compare XML files, edit and analyze
Ispirer Toolkit icon
Performs automated cross-platform database and application migration
dbForge Studio for Oracle icon
Mighty IDE for Everything Oracle
dbForge Edge icon
CSViewer icon
Jailer icon
Redis icon
Exportizer icon
Valentina Studio icon
Powerful Database Management for SQLite, MariaDB, MongoDB and more!
dbForge Data Compare for MySQL icon
A powerful, fast, and easy-to-use data comparison tool
dbForge Data Generator for Oracle icon
Generate Large Datasets of Oracle Test Data
dbForge Data Compare for PostgreSQL icon
Compare Diffs and Sync Table Data in PostgreSQL
Toad Data Modeler icon
Professional designs for databases
EMS MySQL Manager icon
Easily manage your MySQL databases
dbForge Compare Bundle for SQL Server icon
dbForge Compare Bundle for SQL Server
dbForge SQL Tools icon
SSMS Tools and Add-ins for SQL Database Development
dbForge SQL Complete icon
An advanced IntelliSense-style code completion add-in for SSMS and VS
dbForge Schema Compare for PostgreSQL icon
Schema Compare for PostgreSQL
dbForge Data Compare for Oracle icon
dbForge Data Compare for Oracle
dbForge Compare Bundle for Oracle icon
Compare Bundle for Oracle
dbForge Compare Bundle for MySQL icon
dbForge Compare Bundle for MySQL
dbForge Schema Compare for MySQL icon
dbForge Schema Compare for MySQL
TablePlus icon
TablePlus Inc.
Ispirer SQLWays Toolkit icon
GUI tool designed to simplify the database migration process
Nimbus Note icon
Nimbus Platform
Sysinfo SQL Database Recovery icon
Recover all SQL server database files with prominent recovery tool
DbVisualizer icon
DbVis Software AB
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