My Vital Agent icon
Control the speed of your Internet connection
BySoft StayAlive Pro icon
Simulates Internet connection activity
Elisa icon
Test and optimize your DSL connection
Nisc Speed Monitor icon
How fast is your connection?
Dan Elwells Broadband Speed Test icon
Test your broadband performance
NetGraph icon
Monitor your internet connection with a simple graphic
SXBandMaster icon
Get the best performance out of your connection
Perproxy icon
Share one connection among various computers
Steganos Internet Anonym icon
Hide your IP and browse anonimously on the Internet
MySpeed PC Lite icon
Find out the real speed of your Internet connection
Boingo Wireless icon
Locate all nearby wireless connections
Bandwidth Vista icon
Monitor the traffic generated by your connections
Accelerate icon
Accelerate your Internet connection in seconds
SmartWhois icon
Get information on any IP or domain
Host Handler icon
Edit your hosts file without the fear of making mistakes
Anonymity Gateway icon
Make your IP invisible to other users
ADSLNet Navigation Tools icon
All kinds of tools for your ADSL conection
Avanquest Connection Manager icon
Memorize and manage multiple connection profiles
Moo0 ConnectionWatcher icon
Monitor traffic on TCP/UDP connections
BitMeter II icon
Monitor your internet connection speed
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