Chrome Extensions

Webpage Screenshot icon
Take screenshots of full webpages
Google Chrome Backup icon
Save backups of your profiles on Google Chrome
NooBox icon
Search for any image online
SaferPass icon
Manage all your passwords for all your profiles—from one spot!
Ads Blocker icon
Browse the Internet without seeing any ads
Put in Basket icon
Save and organize your fave links
Speedy Password icon
Protect all your passwords with a single master password
uTabs icon
Save all your open tabs on Google Chrome
Scholar Manager icon
Organize your research and bibliography with this Chrome extension
Prioritab icon
Organize your priorities on Chrome and don't lose sight of them
Who Deleted Me icon
Who's unfriended you on Facebook?
Taco icon
Manage all your to-do lists from a single Chrome tab
OneNote Clipper icon
Easily save web content while you browse
Dropbox for Gmail icon
From Dropbox to Gmail, attach any file you want
Fat Cat Workout icon
Exercise your body for seven minutes while you work
Unsticker Me icon
Delete stickers and emojis from Facebook
Spoiler Spoiler icon
Block soccer content and avoid unpleasant surprises
Pocket icon
Save the content you see online so that you can read it later
PushBullet icon
Send all of the information that you need from your PC to your phone
ZenMate for Google Chrome icon
Browse with more privacy and better security
Hangouts icon
The most comfortable way to talk with your friends on the computer
Hola Unblocker icon
Unblock region-restricted pages
PartyCloud icon
All DJ tools from the web browser
WOT icon
Use Your Browser to Make the Internet Safer
Google Tasks Chrome Extension icon
Get to Google Tasks from Chrome
Boomerang icon
Don't forget to send any email
PanicButton icon
Hide all your tabs with the press of a button
Downloads icon
Access the download tab easily
Flip This icon
Make any webpage do flips
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