MyPeople icon
An instant messenger on your computer
KVIrc Portable icon
Access your networks through an IRC at any time
Bitmessage icon
P2P communication for sending coded messages
Free GSM Bulk SMS Online icon
Send text messages to many friends at the same time
Moody’s Mood Messages icon
Change your Skype status randomly
KVIrc icon
Simple and intuitive IRC client
ReDiSoG Animated Chat icon
A useful environment for IRC and local network chatting
Juerguistaz IRC icon
New, restructured version of the classic mIRC
Marratech icon
Maintain video conferences with quality image and sound
Dk Messenger icon
Talk face to face by using this chat application
AdiIRC icon
Chat with other people via this simple IRC client
PickPe icon
Find out who is visiting a particular website
AChat icon
Set up conversations with the users of your local network
MSN Messenger for mIRC icon
Access the MSN Messenger network using mIRC
X-Chat icon
Powerful IRC client with lots of options
There icon
Meet people in this spectacular 3D chat