Pink Browser icon
Surf in pink, a browser designed specially for girls
LimePic icon
Upload and share pictures in a really fast and easy way
FoxLingo icon
Powrfull add-on to translate any website on the fly
Remove It Permanently icon
Eliminate any web content from any website
Screen Capture icon
Take screenshots of full websites
Password Exporter icon
Export passwords from firefox to any other web browser
Set Image as Wallpaper icon
Put any background image on your screen
Adblock Plus for Chrome icon
Navigate faster and without adds or banners
Put in Basket icon
Save and organize your fave links
OpenDownload icon
Run Firefox downloads automatically
Web Clipboard by Google icon
Easily copy and paste text from any webpage
MediaPlayerConnectivity icon
Open multimedia files with your favorite program
Secure Login icon
Sign in on different web services easily
GoogleTube icon
An add-on for watching YouTube videos on Google
iReader icon
Enhance the way you read articles on Internet
ZipZap icon
Web browser with parental control based on Google Chrome
Firefox Environment Backup Extension icon
Make backups of your Firefox settings
All-Glass Firefox icon
Apply transparencies to Firefox interface
BitDefender Safepay icon
Browser that lets you make secure transactions
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