LMMS icon
Advanced music composition for Windows
WavePad Free Audio, Music and Mp3 Editor icon
Full featured audio editor for free
DarkWave Studio icon
Worstation to create music from the PC
Cubase icon
Create your own music pieces in a comfortable way
Music Editor Free icon
REally good and free program to record and edit music
n-Track Studio icon
Transform your PC into a recording studio
mp3DirectCut icon
Cut, fade, split and record compressed mpeg audio
Nero WaveEditor icon
Edit your audio files without losing quality
MP3Gain icon
Normalize mp3 files and set the with the same volume level
AtomixMP3 icon
Experience the DJ feeling at home
Reason icon
Create your own music with this complete recording studio
ACID Music Studio icon
Create and share your own music
Audacity Portable icon
Take your Audacity with you and edit audio wherever you are
MixMeister Fusion icon
Mix songs and create professional DJ sessions
Ocenaudio icon
A simple alternative to the audio editor Audacity